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Navigate Animal Bite Claims With Confidence

Any animal bite, including dog bites, has the potential to cause serious injuries for a bite victim. When the owner of a pet is responsible for the harm their pet caused you, you may need legal assistance to hold them accountable. Thankfully, you can find the North Carolina representation you deserve here at Do the Math.

We take every animal bite case seriously. Whether it’s a first-time incident or a dog known for aggression, we will thoroughly investigate the circumstances to determine the best course of action. We are committed to ensuring that victims receive fair treatment and compensation for their injuries, and providing them with what they need to move forward after their harm.

Understanding The Local Bite Laws

We have seen firsthand the physical and emotional scars left by animal bites, and we are dedicated to helping victims navigate the complexities of these cases. If a dog has previously bitten someone or shown aggressive tendencies, the owner may be held responsible for subsequent injuries. Animal bites, particularly from dogs, can be traumatic experiences that require legal guidance. In North Carolina, understanding the “one-bite” rule is crucial for dog bite cases, as it can interfere with an injury claim.

We are well-versed in North Carolina’s “one-bite” rule, which suggests that a dog owner may not be held liable for the first bite their dog inflicts, under certain conditions. However, this rule does not give a free pass to all incidents. We are here to help you understand the nuances of your claim, explain the options available to seek the compensation you deserve, and build a custom-tailored strategy to help you through your claim.

Protecting You Through Your Animal Bite Claim

Dog bites can have lasting impacts, and it’s our mission to protect your rights and well-being. If you or a loved one has suffered from an animal bite, you need a lawyer who understands the specific laws in North Carolina and how they apply to your situation.

Do not let an animal bite derail your life without seeking justice. Contact Do the Math today, and let us provide the legal support you need to move forward. Contact Do the Math at 919-335-5291 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.