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Experienced Injury Representation You Can Depend On

Finding an excellent personal injury attorney after an accident is an integral part of the recovery process. When you are trying to find a North Carolina lawyer you can depend on, it pays to know how they will represent you through your claim so you can be sure they have your best interests at heart.

At Do the Math, we have more then 15 years of experience representing clients throughout North Carolina. We are fluent with the laws surrounding these claims, and we are committed to providing our clients with the compassionate and mindful representation they deserve. You can learn more about our lead attorneys by clicking the links below:

Our support staff includes:

  • Sarah Brooks, Office Manager
  • Maria Guerrero-Aleman, NC Certified Paralegal
  • Stephanie Santillan, Paralegal
  • Maria Valiente, Legal Assistant

What Sets Us Apart

When a client comes to us for help after an accident, we do not see a quick paycheck and a case number. Instead, we see someone in our community who needs help through a challenging time. We have the experience and skill to guide our clients through these difficulties, and we are proud to offer it to anyone who needs it.

We take the time to review the unique details in every case we take so we can craft custom-tailored strategies that our clients can count on. Our goal in any case we take is to maximize the compensation our clients earn while minimizing the time it takes to secure it, we will be by your side through every step of your claim to help you however we can.

As bills pile up and your income stops after an accident, it isn’t hard to do the math and see you will need help through your claim. Whether you were hurt in a car, truck, or motorcycle collision, drunk driving crash, slip or trip-and-fall accident, or animal attacks, you can rest easy knowing we are standing up for you and your future.

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